CSR Activities undertaken by the Company in 2020-21

Health Services

Under Health Services, the Company has two programs:

  • Community Health Facilitator (CHF) Program: BPL women selected from amongst the beneficiaries of our Microfinance Program are trained to become Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) and improve the level of Health Education and awareness in their Community related to various preventive health care practices and habits and also provide various other health services aimed at preventive healthcare. CHFs are trained in two phases, 6-months of Classroom Training on topics like Health and Nutrition, Personal and Environmental Hygiene, Kitchen Garden, Air, Water and Vector Borne Diseases, Lifestyle Illness, Sanitation, Child and Maternal Health Care and Immunization, Health Savings and Financing-Motivation of Communities and Processes, etc. and 6 months of internship during and after which they deliver these modules to the members of BPL rural communities.
  • CASHPOR Mini Health Clinics (C-MHC): C-MHC is conducted fortnightly at CASHPOR branches by a team of medical practitioners who visit our different MHCs at different branches as well as in the villages and diagnose & treat medically unwell BPL beneficiaries and their family members. In this manner, we are able to provide affordable, timely intervention and good Primary Health Care Services to our BPL Members.

Education Services

  • CASHPOR Education Centers (CEC): CASHPOR Education Centre is an in-house initiative to provide support classes to poor children in the age group between 3 to 18 years through pre-classes for non-school going children, primary classes for students of Classes 1st to 5th and support classes for secondary school students.
  • Senior CECs: At Senior CASHPOR Education Centre, the Company provides support classes to poor children in the High School to enable them pass class 10th examination which is considered as a gateway to salaried employment in India.
  • The Company also provides Scholarship to meritorious children of clients.

Other Projects

  • Item No. (xii) of Schedule VII: disaster management, including relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities: CASHPOR through its CSR activities helped several adversely affected BPL Women and their families.
  • Item No. (i) of Schedule VII: promoting health care including preventive health care and sanitation: CASHPOR spent on COVID-19 affected BPL members and their families by way of providing Food materials, clothes, plastic tents, temporary shelter materials, medicines, sanitizers and masks etc.
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